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Playing dead will help you survive a shark attack.
shayari by: unknown shayari
Live a life without looking back, keep moving forward, and pursue goals that cold, change all that bad to be a good.It was the real purpose of my life
My life is my adventure
shayari by: unknown shayari
"Sir, how did you kill 50 pple in a car
accident?" The policeman asked.
He replied: "I was driving 40 mpH
when I tried
to stop I found out that I have no
and I saw two men walking on the street
and a wedding on the other side of the
street, who should I hit?"
The policeman
answered: "Ofcoz the two men, less
Man said, "That`s what I thought
to myself, but when I did it, I hit only
and the other one ran to the wedding, so
I went AFTER HIM..."
shayari by: unknown shayari
How do you make ugly babies?
Ask your parents. :)
shayari by: unknown shayari
ufhhh very tired,,and very buzzy....
shayari by: unknown shayari
pramusaji pertama kali bikin heboh..
shayari by: unknown shayari
LoVe Is NoT bLiNd. It MaKeS yOu BlInD.
shayari by: unknown shayari
LyinG oN mY BeD, LoOkiN at
ThE CloCk, I nOe tAt iTs timE 2
I WonDeR HoW hAv U bEEn
todaY... HopE Tat EveryTHinG is FInE..
WiSh u sweeT dReaMz n Sleep TiGhT!
shayari by: unknown shayari
दुशमनी दुश्मन से,
प्यार पसंद से,
खुशी हर एक से,
रिश्ते अप्नो से,
मोहाबत महेबुब से,
इश्क आशिक से,
मगर दोस्ती दिल से,
जो हम ने कि हे आप से.

Good Evening Friend`s

shayari by: unknown shayari
Don`t be shy, they said, you`ll make friends, they said.
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