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Love - प्यार Facebook

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Every-time I close my eyes
It’s your face I see.
I don’t know what’s happening.
I guess it’s destiny..
Every-time you look my way.
My heart skips a beat.
I don’t know what this is called.
But it feels like love to me.
Every-time I go to sleep.
It’s you in my dreams.
I can’t get you out of my head.
You’re there constantly.
Too bad this feeling’s just a secret..
You don’t feel the same..
If you did, the world would be perfect.
Everything would change..
‘Cause everyday I think about you.
Missing you so bad.
Longing for the day I see you.
To get what I can’t have.
I don’t know what to do..
My heart keeps beating fast.
It is getting hard to breathe..
But my love for you will last.
shayari by: unknown shayari
you are enjoying and i am dying...</3
shayari by: unknown shayari
let`s share the world,
a sea is for u and
waves are for me,
the sky is for u and ,
stars are for me
the sun is for u,
and light is for me,
everything is for u,
nd u r for me.
shayari by: unknown shayari
Dil Dhadkne ka Tassavur .. bhi khayaali ho gaya .....
Ek tere jaane se Saara Sheher Khaali ho Gaya
shayari by: unknown shayari
First Love Never Die But
TRUE Love can bury it ALIVE
shayari by: unknown shayari
Like if you agree that Love does huts :(
shayari by: unknown shayari
Heart is empty without luv,,

Mind is empty without wisdom,,

Eyes r empty without dreams &
Life is empty without frnds
shayari by: unknown shayari
You said she was a 10 I gave her a 9 But i wonder am i still in your mind?
shayari by: unknown shayari
Face book is avery needfulpublic friends in the social life.This good oppurtunity for our life& general knowledge& throughout the world !!!
shayari by: unknown shayari
- I wish you could realize how much i love you .
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